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Listener of boss sounds from swing to garage to punk to folk to Northern to brooding cello action.

Bad, bad Lindy hopper.

Proudly proletarian Red.

Lover of the nylon-clad and high-heeled female leg.

Hater of almost everything but especially averse to fashion (as opposed to style), post-modernist nonsense, the destruction of language, the worsening of consumer technology, laminate flooring and wankers who leave dogshit and litter everywhere.

I will also moan periodically about the state of modern day trousers, the idiots who wear them and the females who fawn over the idiots who wear them.

I won't reblog images that re-direct to other sites as it's very irritating, confusingly pointless and an act usually associated with spammers.

Finally, it goes without saying that of course I won't 'follow back'. Your tawdry page is awful and I wouldn't want to encourage the dissemination of such banal images.
Good But Not Good Enough to Reblog
People of Taste

A worm’s eye view from Beauty Parade- July, 1952.

Vintage Scans

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