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I will also moan periodically about the state of modern day trousers, the idiots who wear them and the females who fawn over the idiots who wear them.

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We love these photos of Greta MaCabre in our Style 9357! Doesn’t she look stunning? Available from Secrets in Lace.


LOUKANIKOS THE “RIOT DOG” PASSES AWAY - The stray dog, called “Loukanikos” in Greek, became a media sensation and public darling in 2011 by regularly showing up on the side of demonstrators and yelping at police amid the chaos of teargas and flying petrol bombs.”

Loukanikos, the stray dog in Greece who was known for participating in demonstrations, has passed away. He became a symbol for the demonstrators in Greece and he was even nominated for Time Magazine’s Animal of the Year in 2011. A rescue organization took in Loukanikos two years ago and his death was announced yesterday. It appears that years of being exposed to tear gas may have taken its toll. “Loukanikos” means “Sausage” in English. May he rest in peace. Click here for the full story from Reuters. (Images from the Business Insider)

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Belle De Jour à la secrétaire. #35mm photo by me. #lecoledesfemmes

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Found Object Robots by Brian Marshall

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'One for the Celtic Soul Brothers'.

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Rivi Madison in Rago Shapewear